How to clean your Mac: 3 best apps to remove clutter

Clean Cluttered Mac

Got an Apple, Mac or iOS tech question? We have the answer. This time we take a look at some good options for helping you remove unwanted files from your Mac. It's not necessary for everyone, but if you want some help cleaning up your Mac, these apps will help you cut through the clutter.

How do you clean a Mac?

Just wondering - can you guys can tell me what program you would recommend to clean a cluttered Mac?


For the most part, Macs are pretty good at not leaving behind a lot of clutter, although when you uninstall or delete apps, you might want to double-check the Application Support and Cache folders in your Library folder for any lingering unwanted files. As such, cleaning programs probably aren't necessary for most users. However, if you want some extra help in tidying up your Mac, there are definitely a few programs that can help you get rid of unwanted/unneeded clutter. Here are three solid options, along with an explanation of what each does.

Clean Cluttered Mac

Daisy Disk: This app gives you a detailed overview of the files on your Mac, and can aid you in finding disk-hogging files and apps that could be removed.

Clean Cluttered Mac

Clear Disk: Lets you easily clean and remove temporary files, redundant system files, and apps that you don't often use.

Clean Cluttered Mac

App Zapper: This app lets you easily uninstall apps along with their system files at the same time. Just select the app you want to remove, and App Zapper does the rest.

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