Every FIFA 22 player should grab these Prime Gaming freebies

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Have you just subscribed to Amazon Prime recently? Well, if you’re into gaming, you probably have a ton of benefits for your favorite games that you’re not using, especially if you’re deep in the FIFA 22 Ultimate Team hole. 

If you’ve jumped into any Prime Day deals and ended up picking up Amazon Prime as a result, or even if you’ve had it a while and just forgotten about your benefits, Prime Gaming offers loads of worthwhile add-ons to some of the most popular live service games in the world. 

Nowhere is that truer than in FIFA 22, where you can get a pretty tidy reward for simply having Amazon Prime. If you want some extra packs, gold players, and other assorted digital goods, it’s well worth signing in and getting the rewards. If you have Prime, they are free and recurring, so you literally have nothing to lose. 

Prime Gaming FIFA 22

What do you get in FIFA 22 from Prime Gaming?

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If you are looking to claim your rewards for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, Prime Gaming offers ‘Prime Gaming Packs'. Inside these packs are a bunch of digital goodies that actually have decent value. 

Inside each Prime Gaming Pack, you will get:

  • 7x Gold Rare Players
  • 2x 82 OVR Player Picks
  • 12X Rare Consumables 1x 90+ OVR Prime Icon Player Loan Pick (10 matches)

This is a really nice jumping-off point, especially if you are new to FIFA 22, giving you a nice boost into some decent players to integrate into your team. On top of that, the 90+ Icon Player for 10 matches, means you can have a superstar on your team from the off and hopefully be in a place to replace him when he’s gone. 

However, there is value here even if you are a seasoned player. Gold players themselves can help you generate some coins by trading and potentially fill some holes on the pitch or on the bench. Also, the 12x rare consumables are always handy to prop up your super team. 

Perhaps the best thing about these Prime Gaming Packs is that this isn’t a one-time deal. They are recurring every month, so all you need to do is log in once every month to claim a pack for a nice injection of free players and resources. 

How do you claim the Prime Gaming Packs packs?

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If you head over to the Prime Gaming FIFA 22 page, you will see a blue 'Claim now' button. Press this and then sign in to your Amazon account. You will then be prompted to sign in to your EA account to tie both together. Then just hit ‘Complete claim’, and the rewards should appear for you in-game. 

Remember to return every month to pick up your pack, as this process is manual. However, since it’s free (with your Prime), it’s always worth doing. 

While browsing Prime Gaming, be sure to check out other supported games too. The service offers similar useful goods across a ton of online games, from League of Legends, Apex Legends, Red Dead Online, World of Warcraft, Fall Guys Destiny 2, and a whole lot more. On top of that, there are free games added to the service all the time. If you game, have Prime, and aren’t utilizing Prime Gaming, you are really missing out.

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