You can finally dress your Among Us impostor like Sans from Undertale thanks to this huge indie crossover event

Among Us indie crossover cosmetics
(Image credit: Innersloth)

Innersloth, the developer behind the hit indie social stealth game Among Us, has revealed an upcoming Cosmicube featuring loads of enticing crossover cosmetics with some of the best indie games.

For those not too familiar with the intricacies of progression in Among Us, a Cosmicube is effectively a small optional unlock system used for certain cosmetic bundles in the game. A range of Cosmicubes can be purchased in the game’s store and, once obtained, allow owners to work towards cosmetics by progressing through a specific path using points obtained through normal play. It’s effectively a unique Among Us take on a traditional battle pass style system.

Revealed in a blog post on the company’s website, the next Cosmicube is said to be the biggest yet and is packed with special crossover cosmetics inspired by a range of popular indie gems. This includes Untitled Goose Game, Undertale, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Celeste, Castle Crashers, Alien Hominid, and A Hat in Time. 

The promotional image on the blog post also gives us a small peek at some of the cosmetics that will be available. Although there is plenty to enjoy in the idea of dressing your crewmate up like the unlucky gardener from Untitled Goose Game or Hat Kid from A Hat in Time, we’re most drawn to the Undertale-inspired Sans skin on display. It seems like it will finally allow us to deck our crewmate out in a fit inspired by the viral skeleton from the hit indie RPG.

The Cosmicube will cost 7000 Beans, the game’s free currency, and will be available to purchase until February 28, 2024, so be sure to consider that date if you want to get your hands on the cosmetics. The reveal comes alongside some new additions to the regular cosmetic shop and a sizable number of patches to address some known bugs in the game’s most recent map, The Fungle.

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