Baldur's Gate 3 Xbox launch still on track for 2023 - Larian CEO confirms

Baldur's Gate 3
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Larian Studios’ CEO, Swen Vincke, has confirmed that the Xbox Series X|S version of Baldur’s Gate 3 is still on track to launch before the end of the year. 

In a tweet posted to Twitter today (October 31), Vincke wrote: “Latest on the Xbox [version] - being actively playtested, still on schedule for this year. We'll announce the exact release date when we're sure it's done.”

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In August, Vincke stated that after speaking to CEO of Microsoft Gaming, Phil Spencer, the team had “found a solution that allows us to bring Baldur’s Gate 3 to Xbox players this year”. At the time, he revealed that the Series S version won’t include split-screen co-op at launch - a feature that the devs had previously announced was holding back the Xbox release.

Shortly after the August announcement, Vincke estimated that the Xbox version could launch between September and November. However, as we approach the end of October, it remains to be seen if this is still going to be the case. Even so, it doesn’t sound like Xbox users will have too long to wait. 

Overall, it’s surprising that Baldur’s Gate 3’s Xbox release is still on track for 2023. Only in July, Larian’s director of publishing, Michael Douse, said that trying to make split-screen work on the Series S was a “huge technical hurdle.” Despite the apparent issues, the official Xbox Twitter account stated in August that Xbox will "continue to work with Larian to explore the addition of split-screen on Series S post launch."

In TechRadar Gaming’s review, Jake Tucker gave Baldur’s Gate 3 five out of five. He wrote: “Baldur’s Gate 3 is a fine contender for one of the best video game RPGs ever made. It’s the most ambitious RPG out there, and the painstakingly accurate rendition of Dungeons & Dragons will delight fans. A must-play, even if some frustrations with D&D’s format might grate.”

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