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If you're looking for where to buy or place a Hyrule Edition Switch Lite pre-order then we've got you covered. This page will round up all the best links and places to buy the new limited edition Nintendo Switch Lite console and get you where you need to be, quickly.

Despite the Nintendo Switch coming to the end of its time in the sun, with a Nintendo Switch 2 likely waiting in the wings, the Switch and Switch Lite remains one of the most popular modern gaming console you can buy. If you've been waiting for the right edition of a Switch Lite to buy, or are an avid collector then a Hyrule Edition Switch Lite pre-order could be just what you want right now.

Pre-order stock is a little limited at present, but we've got all the best places to purchase the new console below ahead of its September 26, 2024 release, and will be staying abreast of anywhere else that lists stock and availability. 

The UK is faring a lot better right now with multiple purchase options. However, in the US, it's a lot quieter with no major retailers taking preorders just yet. We're keeping an eye on all of them, though, and will update our links below as soon as we see the first stock go live.

For now, let's get into your options. And remember, the console comes with 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack by default, too, which is a nice little bonus that makes this bundle solid value for money so late in the console's life cycle.

Nintendo Switch Lite Hyrule Edition - US pre-orders

Sadly there are no US Hyrule Edition Switch Lite pre-orders live yet which is disappointing. All we can do is recommend checking back here regularly as we'll be updating this page with stock and deals as soon as we spot them. For now, it's worth keeping an eye on these retailers.

Check stock at Amazon

Check stock at Amazon
Amazon US hasn't listed the Switch Lite Hyrule Edition for sale yet – and it's usually one of the last places to make these limited edition consoles available to preorder anyway. Nevertheless, it should appear through the link above when it's available, so do check in regularly.

Check stock at Best Buy

Check stock at Best Buy
Of all the major US retailers, Best Buy is usually one of the first to offer new products for preorder. It's still lagging behind at this stage, but we hope that it will be available soon – ideally by next week. We'll keep an eye on the retailer and let you know as soon as we spot it.

Check stock at Walmart

Check stock at Walmart
Walmart tends to be slow off the mark with new console preorders so we're not surprised that it hasn't got the Switch Lite Hyrule Edition available to preorder just yet. Expect it to be one of the last to have it available to buy. It may also restrict preorders to Walmart Plus members if it proves popular, but this seems unlikely given the age of the Switch Lite.

Check stock at GameStop

Check stock at GameStop
Lastly, there's no sign of the special edition Switch Lite at GameStop either. This one is a bit of a surprise, given it's a specialist retailer. Of everyone, it's likely to be the first place to take preorders so do check in regularly over the coming days as it should be the place to put it on sale sooner rather than later.

Nintendo Switch Lite Hyrule Edition - UK pre-orders

Pre-order at Amazon: £209.99

Pre-order at Amazon: £209.99 (Includes 12-months of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack)
After a short wait, Amazon UK is now taking preorders for the Hyrule Edition Nintendo Switch. This one will bag you that 12 months of Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack, too, so you get access to online play and a number of classic Nintendo games from the NES, SNES, N64 and Game Boy back catalogues.

Pre-order at Game: £209.99

Pre-order at Game: £209.99 (Includes 12-months of Nintendo Switch Online)
Head over to video game specialist retailer Game to place your pre-order - this might be a great time to use those reward points too given the retailer is ending that scheme in July. Remember you get that sweet, sweet year-long subscription of Nintendo Switch Online too.

Pre-order at The Game Collection: £219.95

Pre-order at The Game Collection: £219.95 (includes 12-months of Nintendo Switch Online)
The Game Collection is offering a pre-order deal that, of course, includes that whole year's worth of Nintendo Switch Online.

Pre-order at Smyths Toys: £209.99

Pre-order at Smyths Toys: £209.99 (Includes 12-months of Nintendo Switch Online)
Smyths Toys has got Hyrule Edition Switch Lite pre-orders live right now.

Register interest at the Nintendo Store

Register interest at the Nintendo Store
Somewhat strangely, you can only register your interest at the official storefront right now, but we'd put good money on that changing in the near future (surely!).

If you're not in the UK or US, the below tool will also show the latest and lowest prices wherever you are when and if the console becomes available in your region.

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