This PS5 SSD deal gets you an official 1TB drive for its lowest price for weeks

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If you're in need of a PS5 SSD to help you store the rush of awesome PS5 games that have come out recently then you can currently get an official PlayStation SSD for its lowest price in weeks.

The officially licensed WD Black SN850P 1TB drive is down to $109.99 at Best Buy right now (was $169.99), and makes for an attractive deal if you're in the market for extra storage capacity. 

While it's not a record low price on the PS5 SSD - that came in October 2023 when it dropped to $99.99 - it's the lowest price on the drive since at least early February. As a result, it is a tempting proposition given the WD Black pedigree, official licensing, and, frankly, the excellent performance you'll get from it.

Today's best PS5 SSD deal

WD Black SN850P 1TB SSD: $169.99 $109.99 at Best Buy

WD Black SN850P 1TB SSD: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""">was $169.99 now $109.99 at Best Buy
This is the lowest price since early February on this drive, and it comes at the perfect time given the recent flurry of awesome PS5 games that we'll need to make space for on our consoles. It's an official drive too so comes with robust pedigree.

The SN850P will offer read speeds of up to 7,300MB a second which is blisteringly quick and easily surpasses the minimum specs that Sony recommends for an M.2 drive. The real-world results of this are that you'll be able to transfer huge games between the PS5's own storage and the SN850P in a matter of seconds, and you'll have next to no loading screens when playing games from the SN850P. Fabulous.

Honestly, we've been a little disappointed with the range of PS5 SSD deals and discounts available at retailers since, well, Black Friday 2023 probably. It's been a little underwhelming - especially in the case of the biggest brands and their best products. However, discounts like this one do give us hope, and we're happy to do the digging on your behalf.

Anyway, to reflect that and to ensure your bases are covered, we've listed out some more of the latest and lowest prices on some other top models below.

Not in the US, or looking for even more options? Then check out even more prices on PS5 SSD's below no matter where you are in the world.

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