The Revolution 5 Pro is Nacon's latest modular PS5 controller - and it'll be available very soon

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro
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Nacon has just announced its latest PS5 controller, the Revolution 5 Pro. This modular gamepad offers numerous upgraded features and will be launching very soon.

The Revolution 5 Pro controller for PS5 (as well as PS4 and PC) will begin shipping in October at an as-of-yet unspecified date, but it can be pre-ordered, in black or white, right now from Nacon's official website for $199.90 (around £169 / AU$312). That puts it in about the same price bracket as Sony's DualSense Edge ($199.99 / £209.99 / AU$339.95) and the Victrix Pro BFG ($179.99 / £179.99 / AU$269); both top controllers that rank in our best PS5 controllers guide.

Something of a successor to the excellent Revolution Unlimited Pro controller for PS4 consoles, the Revolution 5 Pro features swappable modules such as sticks and thumb caps, which can be housed under the controller's grips which double as protective covers. The sticks differ from the DualSense in being asymmetrical and make use of industry-leading Hall effect technology, too, which effectively eliminates the risk of drift found in more traditional analog sticks.

Additional features include a suite of programmable back buttons, trigger stops for more precise presses as well as an option for wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 5.2. Plus, the controller's circular D-pad has been developed in partnership with professional Street Fighter player Nathan 'Mister Crimson' Massol, so there's a high chance the Revolution 5 Pro will be an excellent choice for the best fighting games available today.

Unlike the brilliant Revolution X wired controller, the Revolution 5 Pro won't be compatible with Xbox consoles. But players on PS5, PS4, and PC may want to keep an eye on it if they're looking for an advanced gamepad sporting several Pro-adjacent features.

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