Windblown is the next game from Dead Cells creators Motion Twin

(Image credit: Motion Twin)

Motion Twin has revealed its next "lightning-fast combat roguelite" game Windblown.

Announced during The Game Awards 2023 pre-show tonight (December 7), the studio best known for its 2018 roguelike-Metroidvania game Dead Cells confirmed that Windblown is coming to PC via Steam early access in early 2024. 

The feature-length trailer features stunning 2D animation showcasing a story of three friends on an adventure, taking on massive monsters together. However, it looks like things change for the worse when two of the characters are killed, forcing the protagonist and playable character to go it alone.

"You play as a Leaper; one of our heroes, on a mission to defend the Ark from a very aggro Vortex," the game description reads. "Absorb memories of fallen warriors, and then put them to good use by infusing their skills into your weapons. It’s what they would have wanted..."

From the footage, it seems that fans of Dead Cells can look forward to even more fast-paced, fluid combat, with big swords and colorful abilities, as well as vast environments to explore.

Motion Twin has also revealed that the game will allow players to play solo or with up to two friends, a feature that didn't appear in the studio's first game.

Pre-empting why fans might be asking about why it's going the Early Access route first, the developers have stated on the game's Steam page that "just as you helped us shape Dead Cells during its Early Access period, we would like to gather your thoughts to help make Windblown as great as it can possibly be." This bodes well for ensuring the community can offer direct feedback and help improve the game. The devs added that they thing a "minimum of one year" in Early Access will be needed to get the game into shape.

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