Slay the Spire devs just released a new deckbuilder after moving away from Unity

Dancing clown in front of other characters
(Image credit: Mega Crit Games)

As part of a submission to the Jump Ship Game Jam, Slay the Spire devs Mega Crit Games just released a new free-to-play deckbuilder that wasn't made with Unity. 

This new deckbuilding autobattler is called Dancing Duelists, and it sees players choose a dancing character, build a deck of groovy cards, and face off against opponents in a dance battle. While this title may not make an appearance on our best roguelike games list, it is a new venture into techniques and tools for the Mega Crit Games team. 

"Due to recent events, the Mega Crit team has been looking for an engine to migrate our next big game to from Unity", the Steam page says. This venture happened to coincide with a three-week game jam, which encouraged developers to branch out and explore new engines and tools. 

Instead of using Unity, the team migrated to the Godot engine to create Dancing Duelists for the Jump Ship Jam. This also means that you can access the game for free on, or if you do want to pay someone, the Mega Crit Games team encourages players to donate to Godot. 

The Jump Ship Jam isn't even over yet; with six days to go, the Mega Crit Games team are ahead of schedule. However, if you've already achieved a flawless run in Dancing Duelists and are looking for something else to sink your teeth into, then check out some of the other Jump Ship Jam entries that have already been submitted. 

Although, you'll likely want to spend some more time in this fantastic autobattler. "We're super proud of how this project turned out in such a small timeframe, and we'd love for you to check it out", the Mega Crit Games team said. And with all the positive reception on social media, it looks like this is definitely a deckbuilder you should check out. 

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