Pizza Tower is introducing the villainous Noise as a playable character to celebrate the platformer's one-year anniversary

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Tour De Pizza, the developers of Pizza Tower, are celebrating the platformer's one-year anniversary by handing out a free update. 

This update will bring more content to the comedic 2D platformer, primarily through the form of a new playable character, the Noise. While this character isn't the primary antagonist in Pizza Tower, he does get a lot of screen time, thanks to a rivalry with the protagonist Peppino Spaghetti.

"P ranking John Gutter as Noise to celebrate the anniversary of the game," the devs explained in a tweet/X. "To specify, Noise will come as a free update. A lot of details about the game change when you play as him; think of it as a sort of New Game+."

Alongside this announcement, Tour De Pizza released a video containing a small snapshot of what it's like to play as the antagonist. It looks like players will be able to enjoy the same amount of momentum-driven platforming as we initially experienced with Peppino. However, Noise does bring a new move to the table in the form of an aerial spin, which will hopefully aid and abet players in zooming around at breakneck speeds.  

It also looks like players will handle Noise in the same way Peppino is played, thanks to both characters' similar movements and styles. This similarity is a change as the alternative characters that came with the base game, Gustavo and Brick, felt almost entirely different to play and even had their own special areas to accommodate them. Hopefully, this change works out for the best, and regardless, the new UI elements and the level escape music that will come with this update, it will surely be very enjoyable. 

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