GTFO is getting a final update, bringing the game to a close with Rundown 8

A screenshot of a player shooting a creature in GTFO.
(Image credit: 10 Chambers)

10 Chambers has just announced GTFO's final update, Rundown 8.0 Duality, for its co-op horror shooter at The Game Awards 2023, almost two years after it left Early Access.

This final update is available to play right now, will bring things to a close for the hardcore co-op shooter, where death is as easy. You can take a look at the trailer below to get the lowdown on the rundown. 

In case you were unfamiliar, GTFO tasks up to four players (prisoners) to work together, exploring a decaying research facility known as The Complex. In order to progress through a Rundown (basically, a campaign), they must scavenge for resources to help them survive, and complete expeditions to fulfil a ‘Work Order.’ 

Things aren’t usually straightforward, however. It’s a brutal experience that often has you fighting for your life against deadly, grotesque creatures called Sleepers, which can be woken from their slumber if you’re too loud, or if they're exposed to light. 

This will be nothing unfamiliar to players of the game, after all the game's store page of Steam clearly says: "GTFO isn't your typical run and gun shooter. it's for players that value a serious challenge." 

I got my hands on Rundown 8 during a visit to check out 10 Chamber's new game, Den of Wolves, and happy to report that it's very tough, and should deliver even more challenge for the masochists that play GTFO

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