Loki is officially being added to Marvel Snap - confirmed to be coming "soon"

Marvel Snap
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It’s been confirmed that the God of Mischief, Loki, is officially being added to Second Dinner’s award-winning collectible card game, Marvel Snap.

Speaking to TRG, the chief development officer of Second Dinner, Ben Brode, tells us that Loki will be added to the game “soon” - he was apparently a particularly difficult character to implement.

“There are some characters that were tricky, and for a long time, we waffled on [about] what their design could be. I’ll tell you, one of them’s coming soon - Loki was challenging for a long time,” Brode says. “He’s a really notable, missing iconic character, so yeah - we haven’t announced him yet. But I'm excited that we will finally have Loki in the game soon.”

Last night (August 22) during Opening Night Live 2023, it was announced that Marvel Snap has left early access on PC - it’s now fully launched on Steam. If you’ve already made loads of progress on mobile but now want to switch platforms, fear not - just make sure that you register your account, and use the same one on PC in order to transfer your data. 

Steam launch aside, a genuinely stunning animated trailer for Marvel Snap was also unveiled during ONL, which is a real treat on the eyes. It also featured a very obvious Sailor Moon reference, so y’know, that’s cool. Take a look below.

Back to Loki though, and Brode didn’t tell us when exactly he will be released, or what abilities his card will have, so we’ll just have to watch this space for now. 

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