Lady Gaga announces her arrival in Fortnite Festival with a hilarious and self-aware Tweet

Lady Gaga's purple silhouette in Fortnite Festival
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Iconic pop sensation Lady Gaga has announced that she'll be coming to Fortnite Festival. 

The world-renowned songstress shared a striking image on Twitter / X which showed a silhouette of her illuminated by mysterious purple lighting. The post was a direct response to a viral tweet from herself five years ago, where she famously asked, "What's fortnight [sic]?"  

At time of writing, the initial post has over 194,000 reposts and over 870,000 likes. 

In her latest post, Gaga shared the new image from Fortnite Festival along with the simple correction: "*fortnite." This hilarious and good-humored answer to the viral post from five years ago has already garnered over 300,000 likes on the site.

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Fornite Festival is a rhythm game which, though tied into the Fortnite battle royale experience, very much offers its own distinctive game mode

In light of Gaga's social media post, it seems that the singer and songwriter will be headlining the next season of Fortnite Festival, which is set to begin tomorrow (February 22). The debut season was headed up by The Weeknd, whose songs were available to play, and a range of The Weeknd-themed cosmetics were available in the item shop. 

We don't yet know if Lady Gaga's inclusion will be on the same level as what we saw with The Weeknd, but the American pop idol will certainly be featuring in Fortnite Festival's second season in a big way.

If you're looking to get the most out of Fortnite Festival, we recommend looking at the PDP Riffmaster peripheral which our hardware editor Rhys Wood calls the "ideal way to play." Using a controller or mouse and keyboard can be difficult due to Fortnite Festival's horizontal button layout, but the PDP Riffmaster looks like it will offer a tempting alternative.

In other Fortnite news, it's been confirmed that the rumored collaboration with British sci-fi TV show Doctor Who is a "complete myth" according to showrunner Russell T. Davies.

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