Diablo 4 Uniques are "not exciting enough" say development team as they announce plans for update

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As part of Diablo 4’s Campfire Chat, Unique item drops have been addressed after the general consensus suggested that they just weren’t exciting enough. As stated in the presentation video, “too often players don’t feel good when they drop, even for builds they are intended for.” 

So, in direct response to these comments and concerns, the development team has gone through the available Uniques and updated almost every single one to make them feel more rewarding rather than disappointing. 

To combat these changes a four-fold strategy has been applied to the fixes. This strategy includes new stats added to the vast majority of Uniques, such as increased duration, alongside larger existing stat ranges, followed by overriding slot rules and updating Unique effects. The full Campfire Chat which provides examples of how exactly these Unique updates will be implemented can be seen below:

The team was also quick to share how important feedback is from players and transparency on how and why these changes are being made, stating “Something that is really important to me and the team is that when we're talking to you about the updates we're doing to the game, that you understand why we're making these changes and what our goals are because you're going to see as we go through all these, we're changing a lot of all the underlying math and other systems of the game work. And the odds are high that we don't nail everything perfectly.

"But if you understand what we're trying to do, and we're more transparent about that, then when you're having discussions with each other and when you're giving feedback to us, they can just be a little bit more high level and better sources of information when you also understand why we're doing things."

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