XCOM-'em-up Xenonauts 2 will be getting new aircraft and weapons in fresh update

Troops prepare to embark a helicopter in Xenonauts 2
(Image credit: Hooded Horse)

Xenonauts 2 is an old-school XCOM-alike that has you take control of a task force responsible for protecting the world from an extra-terrestrial threat. Though still in early access, the strategy game is about to receive a brand new update, bringing with it plenty of new content. 

In a press release to TechRadar Gaming, producer Hooded Horse revealed that the latest update, patch 1.3, would be introducing all sorts of new features, "bringing new weapons and threats to the fore." 

Thanks to the new patch, the alien menace will start using Cruiser-class UFOs to terrorize the people of Earth. Equipped with deadly fusion weapons, these will be a serious threat. However, the humans also get their share of new toys, too. Patch 1.3 brings Hover Tanks, as well as new types of dropships and interceptors for the Xenonauts. What's more, the press release hints that the fusion weapons on those alien cruisers will be salvageable. 

"Those new fusion weapons look nice," teases Hooded Horse, "it would be a shame if they were captured, reverse-engineered, and turned against the aliens." 

Patch 1.3 also brings with it some new maps, primarily for use in the early game. If you want to see everything on offer, you can check out the patch notes on Steam.

Moreover, Xenonauts 2 will be available at a 30% discount from now until March 4. Those looking to get their hands on the game can head over to Steam, GOG, or the Epic Games Store.

Xenonauts is a throwback to the classic XCOM formula pioneered by 1994's UFO: Enemy Unknown by Mythos Games. Though the series received a highly successful reboot in the form of XCOM: Enemy Unknown in 2012 by Firaxis Games, the Xenonauts series aims to capture the feel of those earlier titles by offering granular strategic decision-making and punishing, isometric combat. If you're looking for a less flashy, but extremely faithful treatment of the more traditional XCOM-style, we recommend having a look at the Xenonauts series for yourself.  

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