Xbox begins refunding players who bought Redfall's Bite Back Edition DLC

Redfall's key art featuring a vampire being towered over by four armed characters
(Image credit: Zenimax / Arkane)

Since Microsoft shut down Arkane Studios, the renowned developer had to cancel upcoming downloadable content (DLC) for co-op looter shooter Redfall.

Now, Microsoft is finally offering refunds to players who purchased Redfall's Hero Pass, which was available either as a separate purchase or came included with the game's Bite Back Edition. The pass was originally planned to bring more playable heroes to the game alongside other additional content.

An X / Twitter post from Game Pass Tracker (via VGC). The post shows that players are receiving notifications from Xbox that they've been "identified as a Redfall player who purchased the Hero Pass as part of [the] premium Bite Back Edition or the premium Bite Back upgrade." The message then confirms that said players have had the value of the upgrade credited back to their Microsoft account.

The second screenshot shows the full refund processed via the Microsoft Store, totaling $26.99. Essentially, if you're eligible for the refund, keep an eye on your notifications over the next few days as Microsoft should be rolling out refunds at a steady clip.

Redfall is arguably one of the bigger tragedies of the current, unstable gaming landscape. A promising co-op shooter when it was announced, it was unfortunately plagued by something much worse than its vampire enemies: copious bugs, glitches, and visual oddities. Shortly after launch, its concurrent player count on Steam became virtually non-existent. This was despite reassurances from Bethesda publishing director Pete Hines that Redfall would eventually "be a good game."

Arkane Austin did manage to inject the game with a welcome update before the studio's closure. It added a fully offline, single-player option to Redfall among plenty of other quality-of-life changes.

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