WWE 2K24 announced with promise of new match types

The Undertaker vs Bret Hart in WWE 2K24.
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The latest installment of the WWE 2K series, WWE 2K24, has been officially unveiled in a new trailer, and fans can look forward to the return of fan-favorite features as well as some sparkly new ones.

First up is the new 2K Showcase…of the Immortals, which is the actual name of the mode and not just me adding in a dramatic pause for effect. It serves as a celebration of the last 40 years of WrestleMania, as people will be able to play through the most iconic moments in its history while unlocking rewards. 

Additionally, prospective players can look forward to four new match types, named Gauntlet Match, Casket Match, Ambulance Match and Special Guest Referee (no further details on these have been given yet), as well as improvements to the existing Royal Rumble and Backstage Brawl modes. Backstage Brawl, for example, will support up to four players and add interactive environmental additions like breakable glass. Meanwhile, Royal Rumble will allow up to eight people to play together online in 30-Superstar matches.

Career mode MyRISE is back, this time with two unique storylines - one, named Undisputed, focuses on men’s wrestling, while the other, Unleashed, focuses on women’s. This time around, fresh WWE stars will be providing voiceovers for the mode, including Mick Foley and Roman Reigns.

Also returning is the brand management sim MyGM, which has been expanded with lots of new things including fresh talent scouts, GMs, brands, and match types. The Creation Suite is also back, allowing players to create custom wrestling stars as well as referees, arenas and more, with new parts and animations to do so. In addition, team building mode MyFACTION has been revamped, with ranked online play, Faction Wars 2.0, and more 4v4 match types, along with a direct purchase card market. 

Other improvements include the addition of new weapon types (such as guitars and microphones), along with the ability to throw weapons to spice up combat further. Plus, seven real-life WWE referees will be featured in order to make the wrestling experience feel more authentic. 

WWE 2K24 is set to launch on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC, with its Deluxe and Forty Years of WrestleMania editions landing on March 5, before the Standard and Cross-Gen editions arrive on March 8.

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