This Warhammer game is being delisted from Steam in December

Warhammer Quest
(Image credit: Chilled Mouse)

Warhammer Quest is being delisted from Steam next month, but you'll still be able to buy it on GOG.

In October, it was announced that the 2015 Warhammer title would be removed from Valve's storefront, although at the time it wasn't specified when this would happen. 

"New sales of Warhammer Quest will end shortly on Steam," the initial news post read. "Thanks for all your support for this game over the years." 

Now, in a statement to PC Gamer Ian Baverstock, director of publisher Chilled Mouse, has confirmed that on December 12 the game will be delisted from Steam, but stated that "it isn't being delisted from GOG at this time."

It's possible that the two storefronts have different licensing terms, and it's unclear at this time if the GOG version will also be removed sometime in the future, but we'll keep you updated.

Warhammer Quest is based on the 1995 classic tabletop board game and features a mix of RPG and strategy elements, allowing players to lead their party on a top-down adventure. The game is currently £10.99 (roughly $14) on Steam with a 'Mostly Positive' review tag, so if you're a Warhammer fan, you still have just under a month to grab it while you can.

The latest game in the long-running series, Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin just released on PS5Xbox Series X|S, and PC. We gave the game three out of five stars, with Cat Bussell saying the game boasts a fun single-player campaign and plenty of robust multiplayer features, "however, the game’s cookie-cutter approach to unit design and combat interactions makes for a simplistic experience that will disappoint seasoned RTS players."

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