This secret Starfield feature helps you keep track of unexplored planets

Starfield - cockpit view
Här är allt vi vet hittills om Starfield. (Image credit: Microsoft)

It turns out Starfield has a hidden feature to help you chart your way across the galaxy - and not many players know about it. 

As reported by GamesRadar, a Starfield player has shared a post on the game's official subreddit, explaining how they have discovered a secret star map feature that keeps track of where players have traveled to in the galaxy. 

"I'm level 34 and I JUST realized this about the star map, while trying to visit every star," the user said. 

When you open your map in Starfield, you'll be presented with a massive chart displaying every accessible planet and their respective star systems, allowing you to Grav Jump to where you want to go. 

At the beginning of your spacefaring journey, the first few star systems will be easily accessible since they're quite close, however, there are also red stars on the chart further away, while others are presented as white, and others with a glowing halo effect. The Redditor has "solved" what these colors represent and it's actually quite useful when keeping track of where you've been.

I'm level 34 and I JUST realized this about the star map, while trying to visit every star. from r/Starfield

White-coded stars indicate the player hasn't been there, but they are in range and can be jumped to. Red means you can't jump to them unless you jump to a nearby star first, and if the star is glowing with a halo effect, you've been there before.

I've personally played around 30 hours of the game and this is something I wasn't aware of until it was pointed out. It's a clever system that makes the world of Starfield that much more vast. Many other users under the Reddit post seem to be just as surprised by the information. 

Star systems do have their own recommended level, so it was originally thought that the red stars with a "level 55" marker meant they were too high level to visit and you'd risk dying as soon as you set down your ship. In actuality, you can visit these places, you'll just need to chart your course and be wary of danger.

Starfield is now available on Xbox Series X|S and PC, as well as Xbox Game Pass

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