The popular RPG Maker XP that lets you design your own game is free to claim for a limited time

RPG Maker XP
(Image credit: Gotcha Gotcha Games)

RPG Maker XP is currently free to claim on Steam for a limited time.

Ever wanted to make your own role-playing game but lacked the tools to do so? Well, now you have the opportunity because developer Gotcha Gotcha Games is offering Steam users its game development software free of charge.

If you head over to the game's digital storefront page right now, RPG Maker XP has a discount of 100% off from today (February 14) to February 19, meaning you can grab the design software for free at no extra cost. 

It's a pretty great offer, considering its original retail price of $26.35 (£20.99 / AU$40.66), as well as the fact that it gives you the ability to make your very own retro RPG however you like.

If you're unfamiliar with the software, it launched in 2005 and lets you make a game using built-in tools, game data encryption, and a scripting feature, "without any prior specialized knowledge or training". The developer describes it as an easy-to-use software for beginners and experts alike.

The software has received its fair share of updates over the years and can now provide "support for a full-color display and greatly enhanced graphic capabilities" while also letting users design their world using three map layers, battle screen layouts, data packing features, and more.

Gotcha Gotcha Games has released several other RPG Maker spin-offs in the past few years, most recently RPG Maker MZ, which launched in 2020 and currently has a 50% discount on Steam

This title leans more in the anime-art style direction for characters compared to XP's retro aesthetic. It features a ton of customizable components, including enhancements to older aspects of the RPG Maker series.

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