The Last of Us director says Naughty Dog's next game 'could redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming'

Ellie playing the guitar under a tree in The Last of Us 2
Ellie playing the guitar under a tree in The Last of Us 2 (Image credit: Sony/Naughty Dog)

Naughty Dog's co-president Neil Druckmann has teased the studio's next major title, saying it could "redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming".

This comes from an interview with Sony to coincide with the company's corporate strategy meeting today (May 23). When asked if he could share a dream project that he hopes to see realized, the creative director of The Last of Us said he's "currently excited about a new one, which is perhaps the most thrilling yet."

"There's a growing appreciation for gaming that transcends all age groups, unlike when I was growing up," Druckmann said. "This shift is highlighted by our venture into television with The Last of Us, which I hoped would bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers. 

"The show's success has spotlighted gaming, illustrating the rich, immersive experiences it offers. This visibility excites me not only for our current project but for the broader potential of gaming to captivate a global audience."

He adds, "I'm eager to see how this new game resonates, especially following the success of The Last of Us, as it could redefine mainstream perceptions of gaming."

Naughty Dog hasn't yet announced its next game, but it's long been rumored that the studio could be working on the third installment of The Last of Us series - which the director recently said he does have a "concept" for - or potentially, a brand-new IP.

When speaking in-depth about the origins of the game's story back in March, Druckmann called his next game "really ambitious" and that "parts of it are really hard".

Naughty Dog has also previously said that its new goal is to "eliminate crunch" following the intense production of The Last of Us Part 2.

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