Starfield players can make nine million credits per hour using a wall glitch

(Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

Starfield has a glitch that allows players to farm a ton of credits in no time.

YouTuber DPJ has released a video showing fellow Starfield players how they can earn 160,000 credits every minute - more than nine million credits per hour if done right - and all players have to do is take advantage of a certain buggy wall on a space station (via GamesRadar).

As the YouTuber explains, you'll first need to have at least the first level unlocked in the Boost Pack Training skill, then you're going to want to head over to the Narion system, and then the Stroud-Ekland Staryard space station.

Once you've boarded you'll need to walk from the entrance all the way to the room at the opposite end of the corridor then approach the far wall by following the edge of the ramp, aiming for the piece of red tech displayed behind the glass.

Approaching the wall and walking forward should activate the bug, forcing you through the other side into an out-of-bounds area. As soon as you step through, you need to boost to the left and land on the edge of a room across the space station, before following the path to the hidden Stroud-Ekland Store chest which contains 160,000 credits. 

DPJ explains that to reset the chest, you need to travel to Venus, wait six hours using the game's rest system, and return to Stroud-Ekland Staryard space station to repeat the process. Master the pattern and you'll quickly become the richest spacefarer in the galaxy.

This isn't the only moneymaking glitch players have come across. Less than 24 hours after the game officially launched, another player discovered an infinite money glitch that rewards you with 75,000 credits each time you repeat the process, though the steps can be tedious. 

If you're looking to get rich quickly in Starfield, the latest space station glitch seems to be the fastest and easiest solution found so far. It seems to work on both Xbox Series X|S and PC, although if you're playing on PC you could always use the game's built-in command center to cheat your way to success. 

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