Starfield features Skyrim's infinite money glitch - for now

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Det ser ut som att Starfield kommer att ha ett imponerande utbud av olika miljöer. (Image credit: Bethesda Game Studios)

Starfield players have already found an infinite money glitch to build up credits without actually earning them. 

Starfield has only officially been out for less than 24 hours, and has been in early access just under a week, and yet YouTuber vNivara, has shown that players can rake in credits with a familiar infinite money glitch from the days of Skyrim. It's performed on the Xbox Series X, but should also work on PC. 

It's not necessarily easy, as the video goes on to explain a few convoluted steps, but getting rich quickly this way earns you far more credits than the equivalent time spent scouring the open world and looting enemy bases. Starting in the business district of New Atlantis, you'll need to follow a specified path that leads under a dam and then under an invisible barrier. You'll need a jump pack, though, as it looks likely you'll break your legs without one. 

The next step involves carefully scaling a large rocky surface with a mixture of timed jump pack break falls and camera trickery, all in the pursuit of getting under the map. One moment includes swimming under an invisible body of water, which you'll take steady damage from, so be sure to keep stacked up on health packs before trying it. When done successfully, you'll emerge just under the vendors' shops where you'll be able to loot from chests without paying a single credit. 

There's a lot of risk involved, and it's unsure just how long this glitch will remain in the game, however, for those dedicated enough to want to rack up the credits fast, this remains a viable solution for now. One chest demonstrated in the clip near the ship vendor contained 75,000 credits, which is a fair chunk of change for just a couple of minutes of work. 

If you've ever tried to gain gold outside of conventional means in Skyrim, then this strategy will look very similar. Much like in the 2011 fantasy RPG, it involves skillfully maneuvering around the game's map to get under where you're supposed to go. It's a classic Bethesda glitch, which, at the time of writing, remains very much exploitable. Plus, if you're playing a gangster or a thief in Starfield, then you could argue that you're just acting in character.  

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