Palworld update fixes breeding issue that was leaving some Pals permanently stuck with nerfs

Palworld Pals including Cattiva and Relaxaurus.
(Image credit: Pocketpair)

Palworld players, rejoice. A new update has removed a bug introduced in the previous patch, which saw Pals obtained by breeding stuck with negative passive skills that players were previously able to breed out. 

In case you were unaware, Palworld’s collectible creatures, Pals, all come with certain passive skills that can’t be altered. These range from handy buffs such as speed boosts to negative effects such as attack and defense decreases. Obviously, having a Pal with permanent nerfs to its passive skills is far from ideal, and worse still, certain Pals, such as cute cat-like creature Cattiva, are always caught with specific negative passives. All captured Cattivas, for example, come with the ‘Coward’ trait which reduces their attack by 10 percent.

It is possible to breed Pals to get rid of these fixed passives, but a patch rolled out earlier this week stopped this function from working. Thankfully for those desperate to get their hands on a Relaxaurus that doesn’t get hungry faster than it should, version v0.1.5.1 is now available on Steam (and coming soon to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One) which irons out the issue. 

The patch notes confirm that alongside “various game crashes,” the update has “fixed a bug where breeding Pals always had fixed passives.” Other notable changes include fixes for a bug that meant beating the boss of a random dungeon didn’t open the dungeon’s innermost door, and a separate problem where trying to change a Pal’s name didn’t actually do anything. You can check out the full list of changes below.

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Developer Pocketpair also confirmed that it’s continuing to work on an issue where auto-save doesn’t work on the Xbox versions Palworld. While not ironed out in this update, it’s expected that “this will be resolved in an upcoming update.”

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