Modern Warfare 3 has set a record for the highest player engagement in the trilogy

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3
(Image credit: Activision)

Activision has revealed that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has broken player engagement records since its launch earlier this month.

In a recent Twitter post on the official Call of Duty account, the publisher addressed a thank you to fans for playing the latest title in the series and claimed that they have set "new Modern Warfare engagement records."

"Thank you for a historic launch," the post reads. "Just two weeks in, MW3 has already set records with the highest engagement in the new Modern Warfare trilogy!

"Thank you for inspiring us and for spending so much time in this game. Your feedback and passion continually make us better. And, thank you for playing with us - it's been a blast, and there's much more fun in store!"

In a separate infographic, Activision shared some new milestones, stating that Modern Warfare 3 has racked up more hours per player overall than both Modern Warfare (2019) and last year's Modern Warfare 2.

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It also states that the game's Zombies mode is "the most engaging third mode in MW history" and that campaign players have spent “more time per player in MW3 than the previous two installments”.

While these milestones sound exciting, it's worth noting that Activision hasn't offered any actual player and revenue statistics on Modern Warfare 3. The publisher has previously been known to share statistics to its socials following big sales, but it has been quiet on that part since the game launched on November 10.

Sean Lama, a digital planning and analytics manager at Ubisoft, responded to Activision's announcement (via VGC) saying, "Engagement is a better metric for measuring medium and long-term health, after you’ve gotten a lot of players in the door.

"Most multiplayer games can’t survive on on a small group of highly engaged players. Not that CoD will have trouble getting players in the door, but engagement at launch doesn’t say much.”

Elsewhere, players will be glad to know that they can look forward to a double XP event this week. Starting today (November 22) through to November 27, you'll be able to log in to Modern Warfare 3 and earn double weapon, player, and battle pass XP to progress through the remainder of Modern Warfare 2's Season Six battle pass.

Modern Warfare 3's season one isn't expected to be released until early December, which will bring a brand new battle pass and new rewards.

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