Dying Light 2's crossover with The Walking Dead is a thrilling fight for survival

Infected jumping at player
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A new crossover event for Dying Light 2 will see fans get even more iconic undead content as Techland teams up with Skybound Games developer of The Walking Dead.

Dying Light 2 has received update after update with tons of new content available thanks to the Summer of Horrors; "a series of events, crossovers, and updates spanning the entire season", according to a press release. The series started with Bloody Nights, an update that made the nighttime even scarier with darker scenes and more infected. This event will run until July 13. 

As Bloody Nights draws to a close, it's time to see what else the Summer of Horrors has in store for us. According to one tweet we can guess that it'll include a crossover with The Walking Dead at the very least. 

Towards the end of June, Techland tweeted out that Dying Light 2 will be joining forces with The Walking Dead for a crossover event that'll see players "survive, scavenge, and slay the undead like never before". 

In response to this tweet, the official The Walking Dead twitter account boasted that they "know a thing or two about fighting the undead". With over 20 years of experience killing the infected under their belt, we know that The Walking Dead isn't kidding. The two seem like a fine match. 

This is a sentiment that many players seem to agree with. As Skybound Games retweeted the original post by Techland, many players took to the comments in support of the next crossover; some even going as far as to say that it could be "the greatest crossover event ever". 

Franchise director, Tymon Smektała, teased the team up during the Summer Games Fest with an announcement trailer. He described the crossover event as something fans have "never seen before". "It'll be the deadliest summer to date", Smektała said. "You'll want to get your barbed-wired bat ready". 

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