Diablo 4's newest bug won't be fixed 'for a few days,' leaving some players stuck

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Diablo 4 fans have encountered a new bug preventing some players from progressing or collecting rewards in the newest season. 

The issue plaguing Diablo 4 sees players trapped at Slayer level as, for whatever reason, the game won't accept that the Boon in the Tide quest has been completed. Therefore, players are left desperately trying to open the Tortured Gift Helltide chest with little to no success and no way of progressing in the season. 

President of Blizzard Mike Ybarra not only accepted that this is a widespread issue but also confirmed that the Blizzard devs are taking a look at possible solutions. However, players will have to wait for a fix as Ybarra states it will take "a few days", aiming for August 15. 

This isn't the first glitch players have encountered, and it certainly won't be the last, as the RPG has been riddled with problems from the beginning, such as those playing on PS5 having a hard time logging in. However, these problems are almost to be expected for a title as large as this one. 

In a Campfire Chat, we saw devs discuss the action RPG's launch, its short-term fixes, and, crucially, how the dev team plans to fix future problems. While the devs would love to "fix all your problems tomorrow", it turns out that even hotfixes aren't always the best way to handle some more heavy issues. In short, bigger problems are likely to be fixed once scheduled patches come around, making it easier for both devs and players. 

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like there are many fixes for Diablo 4's problems right now. Thanks to a weird glitch found by YouTuber Glitch Unlimited, some players were able to link characters from the Eternal Realm to the Seasonal equivalent. This would allow players to carry over progress, items, and gold giving your seasonal character a massive headstart. 

However, this is no longer possible, as Blizzard has begun cracking down on this cheating glitch. Blizzard has already started banning those who use this exploit thanks to its zero-tolerance policy. 

Despite its bugs, Diablo 4 is still great fun to play on any platform, whether that be PS5, Xbox Series X|S, or PC. 

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