Diablo 4 Season 3 will include a new type of dungeon, quality-of-life improvements, and a little robot buddy

Diablo 4: Season of the Construct image showing a player alongside their Seneschal Companion.
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Blizzard Entertainment has unveiled Season Three of Diablo 4, along with the new content players can get ready to dive into. 

Titled Season of the Construct, the third season will start on January 23, so there’s not long to wait. Players will be able to try out an all-new type of dungeons known as Vaults, and explore them alongside a seasonal robotic Seneschal Companion, whose abilities can be customized. 

As for the season’s questline, the official synopsis on the Blizzard website states: “A new threat lurks deep beneath the sands of Kehjistan, where the Loom, an ancient technology - designed by Zoltun Kulle and Ayuzhan of Caldeum - has been usurped by the forces of evil. 

“The Demon Malphas is responsible for twisting the Loom for his cruel whims. Zoltun’s former companion Ayuzhan leads you through the treacherous Vaults, desperate to stop the formidable Malphas and his deadly constructs from overtaking Sanctuary.”

Players will make their way to Gatehall - a town beneath Kehjistan - in order to take on constructs (a new type of monster) and venture forth into the aforementioned Vaults, which are full of elemental Hazards. They’ll also be able to take on Malphas in a brand-new Boss fight. 

Otherwise, a new weekly challenge dungeon called The Gauntlet will be added, complete with Leaderboards to celebrate the efforts of the top 1,000 players. A selection of quality-of-life changes will be rolled out, too - Helltides (events which allow you to fight dangerous Hellspawn for a chance of earning more loot) will soon begin every hour on the hour, rather than randomly. 

In addition, there’ll be more chances to bag the crafting materials necessary to forge the Glacial Fissure Nightmare Dungeon and fight the Beast In Ice endgame boss, and six new Unique items and seven additional Legendary Aspects will become available. There’ll be an extra Stash Tab, and PC players will be able to use their WASD keys for movement. On top of that, players will be able to test out new builds by editing and previewing changes to their skill trees before spending any resources. 

For anyone interested in learning all of the details of Season of the Construct, Blizzard is hosting a deep dive during its Developer Update Livestream tomorrow (January 18) at 12pm ET / 9am PT / 5pm GMT (January 19 at 4am AEDT). It’ll be available to watch via YouTube and Twitch.

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