Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition briefly appears on the Xbox Store before disappearing

Beyond Good & Evil
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Update: In a tweet posted this afternoon at 2:38pm GMT (9:38am ET / 6:38am PT / or November 30 at 1:38am AEDT), Ubisoft officially acknowledged the existence of the Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition. It wrote: Happy 20th Beyond Good & Evil. We're excited to talk more about this special edition soon... Stay tuned!"

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It seems that Ubisoft may have plans for one of its most beloved sixth-generation games as evidence for Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition surfaces online.

Nintendo Everything reports that an Xbox Store page for the game showed up online, along with details and a collection of screenshots for the re-release. However, this now appears to have been taken down. Achievements for the game have also surfaced; 34 in total differ from the achievements list found with 2011's Beyond Good & Evil HD.

While there's been no official confirmation from Ubisoft in regards to Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, it will most likely launch on at least Xbox Series X|S as well as PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch before the year is out to line up with the original game's 2003 release.

As per Nintendo Everything's report, Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition, if real, looks like it'll be bringing some pretty substantial changes, including 4K 60fps support, updated controls and audio, and a new autosave feature. Additionally, there appear to be all-new rewards in this re-release including galleries, developer insight, and a new speedrun mode.

If Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition is indeed a thing, the most likely place for an announcement to show up - besides a potential shadow drop from Ubisoft itself - is at The Game Awards on December 7.

It'll be nice to have a version of the game to play on modern hardware. Personally, Beyond Good & Evil is an old favorite of mine and I'd love the chance to play it again with a fresh coat of paint. And if anything, it'll temporarily ease the sting of the continued radio silence of Beyond Good & Evil 2.

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