Armored Core 6's multiplayer has six-player arena battles

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It looks like FromSoftware's latest game, Armored Core 6, will feature competitive multiplayer according to the Japanese box.

The upcoming mech combat title, releasing on August 25 for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC, is to feature player-versus-player battles much like previous titles in the series. However, FromSoftware looks like its taking things up a notch with its latest entry.

According to images showing the back of Armored Core 6's Japanese physical release (posted to the r/armoredcore subreddit), the game has support for up to six players online. Though it's worth noting that FromSoftware has yet to reveal any in-depth details about the game's online suite, so we don't know whether this will be two teams of three, a free-for-all format, or potentially both.

Additionally, the physical box (translated by GamesRadar) also states that PvP matches also support up to three spectators, for what seems to be a maximum of nine player lobbies. Series fans are pretty excited about the prospect on Twitter, seeing the potential for matches to be spectated and broadcast on streaming platforms.

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With any luck, Armored Core 6's multiplayer will be reminiscent of Elden Ring's Colosseum update, which added a bespoke PvP suite to FromSoftware's brutally tough action RPG. This mode, however, supported up to 12 players online, though it's likely the team opted for fewer in Armored Core 6 for game balance and performance reasons.

We're only a month away from Armored Core 6's release, so it's not a stretch to expect more concrete details on the game and its multiplayer modes soon. Bandai Namco's YouTube channel released an all-new story trailer over the weekend, and we doubt it'll be the only one between now and launch day.

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