Apex Legends season 20 patch notes detail new crafting rework, performance mode, and more

Apex Legends
(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

Respawn Entertainment has released the patch notes for Apex Legends season 20 which detail brand-new updates for almost every feature.

Apex Legends is celebrating its fifth anniversary this month with the launch of Season 20: Breakout today (February 13) which Respawn is calling its "biggest anniversary season yet!" It will feature a ton of major quality-of-life improvements and various new additions across the board.

For starters, there's a new feature called Breakout Rewards where for every two weeks for the entire season, a new Legend becomes free-to-play for users, each with their own set of challenges that will permanently unlock them at no extra cost to the player. 

Completing all Breakout Rewards Challenges before the season ends will also unlock even more rewards like too, like the Reactive “Top Tier” Flatline and the Legendary “Runaway Renegade” Wraith skins.

Players can look forward to playing on Olympus, Storm Point, and World's Edge in Trios and Duos this season - the latter of which will feature "an all-new exhibit that honors the history of the Outlands and the origin of the Games" at the Apex Games Museum. What's more, if you're playing on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X|S, the game now has a brand-new Performance mode option for players with a 120Hz display, which targets 120FPS.

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Crafting is getting a complete rework this season too, specifically, Replicators now have a new paint job, are free to use, and no longer require crafting materials. However, players will only be able to craft one item per Replicator.

To balance this change, the number of available Replicators has been increased, and every game will start with 12, with an additional Replicator airdrop at the start of Round 4.

In addition, Respawn has now made it so players will now only need to be level 20 to play Ranked - instead of 50 - and an entry cost of 20RP per Tier (starting at Silver) will return to matches.

Alongside the reintroduction of mid-season splits, player rankings will now be visible to others, Promotional Trials and Matches have been removed, and Ranked Tier RP requirements have seen an increase. 

There have been plenty of changes introduced to every single Legend along with a new Legend Upgrade system for battle royale modes, which Respawn says is "an in-match progression system that deepens the Apex Legends experience by allowing you to tailor your Legend to your playstyle." You can check out the full patch notes here.

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