This VPN deal comes with free 2TB cloud storage and it's exclusive to TechRadar
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We're just like you...we love a bargain. And not just any bargain - the discounts that impress us most are when they're on a particularly standout product or service. 

So when we approached a new cloud storage provider (Internxt) and a VPN provider ( to ask them to give us the opportunity to promote a massively reduced bundled offer that's available exclusively to TechRadar readers, they said yes.

This faintly ridiculous 73% discount brings the price of a 24-month subscription from $373 ($120 + $253) to a mere $99.99. That's under $5 per month for a 10-device VPN PLUS 2TB cloud storage - an astonishing saving on two great products, and you can read more about the benefits below.

And don't be put off by the dollar pricing if you're reading this outside the US - you can still get hold of it from anywhere in the world.

TechRadar's exclusive VPN+cloud storage deal VPN + 2TB cloud storage $373 $99.99/2 years
TechRadar Exclusiv... VPN + 2TB cloud storage $373 $99.99/2 years | 73% off
If you're looking for a cloud storage or VPN deal, you can't really find anything cheaper than this at the moment. 2TB for 2 years with an independently audited "no log" VPN for under $50 per year across 10 devices. Found something better? Let us know.

What makes Internxt the best cloud storage provider?

Fast, easy to use and secure. The main pros of Internxt are very quick and straightforward to explain. Even if you're not that tech savvy, you'll find Internxt really simple to download, set up and operate.

Of course, you'd already expect all those things from the best cloud storage - so what makes Internxt stand out from the competition? It's the extra features, like facial recognition of your photos to help you organize them better, like the physical hard disk of files it will send you if you somehow lose all your stuff, like server backup offering a failsafe if you accidentally delete items you shouldn't have.

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