The latest OnePlus phones bring the 'Never Settle' experience to every price point

OnePlus series
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When it has come to a smartphone that could offer some of the best specs on the market, OnePlus has shown it knows how to do just that while offering a price that’s easier on the wallet than its competitors’ phones. That focus on getting the most for your money without settling for a worse experience has been at the heart of OnePlus phones, and the latest devices from the company give you more options to choose from than ever, whether you’re on a tight budget, wanting a premium device, or shopping for something right in the middle.

For OnePlus’ history, it has offered “flagship killer” devices that put the best processors in solid phones and offered them for less than the competition. Only the OnePlus X, early on in the company's tenure, took on the mid-range market. But, OnePlus’ recent phones now cover the breadth of the market, with the OnePlus 8T continuing to offer the top-of-the-line experience while its new OnePlus Nord family ensures there’s something for everyone. 

The OnePlus Nord kicked things off in the European market, bringing high-end capabilities and a premium design to a middle-of-the-pack price point. Now, US consumers are getting the Nord N10 5G and Nord N100.

The Nord N10 5G is an attractive offering for those that want performance and versatility alongside the latest in cellular connectivity. At $299, the Nord N10 5G is the most affordable 5G phone you’ll find in the US, and 5G capability is not the only premium feature found on this device.

The Nord N10 5G offers a fast Snapdragon 690 chipset that even outpaces some phones with a Snapdragon 765G inside, and it squeezes in a 6.4-inch Full HD+ display with a responsive 90Hz refresh rate for extra smooth scrolling and animations (another thing you’d be hard pressed to find at such a low price). It's only all the more impressive that the phone comes with 128GB of storage and a microSD slot to let you add even more capacity. It even features quad cameras for versatility and supports up to 30W fast charging, so you can charge up for the day in less than half an hour.

OnePlus Nord N10 specs

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The story is similar with the OnePlus Nord N100. It pares things back a little to hit a low, low price point of $179, but it doesn’t settle for mediocrity where it counts. The Nord N100 still packs a large display while offering an HD+ resolution and even that fast 90Hz refresh rate for a smoother experience. It offers 64GB of base storage, which is double what many budget phones offer, and also has microSD expandability. There are even three cameras on the back for sharp shooting, close-up macro shots, and bokeh depth effects.

Of course, for the flagship experience, the OnePlus 8T is always an option, and it costs less than its competitors at just $749. OnePlus also continues to offer earlier models with reduced prices going back to the OnePlus 7T.

With OnePlus’s current line-up of phones, you’ve got capable options at nearly every price point. You can get the latest 5G technology at the lowest price with the Nord N10 5G, get an affordable phone with a big and smooth screen, or go all-in for the highest-end model while still paying less than you would for the mainstream flagships.

So, if you’re on the market for a new phone – no matter your budget – don’t forget to check out OnePlus.

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

OnePlus Nord N10 5G

For the most affordable 5G phone on the market with a fast display and processor to match, check out the OnePlus Nord N10 5G.

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