Keeper password manager is the cure for your password blues – and now it’s 30% off

Keeper Password Manager running on a phone
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Passwords, who needs them? Well, you do – and so does everyone else – if you want to log in to the countless online services you no doubt have at this point, because passwords are necessary to keep you secure.

The tricky thing about passwords is that they present a thorny bundle of issues. You need to create passwords which are memorable, yet still complex enough to be secure; and those two goals don’t really marry up all that well.

As a result, people typically have a load of bad password habits, such as making them too simple – and therefore a cinch for hackers to crack, or even guess outright – or writing them down somewhere for people to steal.

That’s before we even get into other detrimental practices, such as sharing passwords with other family members or friends - topical given Netflix’s crackdown on this, which the streaming giant has long allowed users to get away with.

At any rate, whatever your sin, there’s an easy solution: get a password manager to take care of hard security work for you.

Naturally, you’ll want to use one of the best password managers out there. It’d defeat the point to purchase a subpar product, and they do exist. Right now, though, we can doubly recommend one of the entries on our list of top picks because it has a chunky discount going for it.

That would be Keeper, a password manager which is currently 30% off in a deal that runs through until March 1. On top of that, add-ons for Keeper have also been reduced by 30% (we’ll get to the those extras in a moment).

Keeper Unlimited Plan:Save 30% -

Keeper Unlimited Plan: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">£20.99 per year| 1 user
Save 30% - This plan is for an individual user, providing coverage for unlimited password storage across all devices. Keeper also boasts other features such as saving your credit card details securely to make for easy online payments. This deal runs until March 1.

Keeper Family Plan:Save 30% -

Keeper Family Plan: <a href="" data-link-merchant=""" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">£50.39 per year  | 5 users
Save 30% - The Family plan provides all the features of the Unlimited product, but includes support for five users, not just one, and each user gets a private vault for storing sensitive data. This offer runs until March 1.

There are two subscription levels you can benefit from with Keeper, and both have that 30% discount applied. The entry-level plan is Keeper Unlimited which is designed to fulfil the needs of an individual user, generating unlimited passwords for an unlimited number of devices, alongside extra features like auto-filling online forms.

Then there’s the Keeper Family plan which has the same features as the above Unlimited subscription, but it’s good for five users. Each of those users also gets a secure vault in which to store sensitive data (and Keeper Family provides 10GB of secure cloud storage).

Now to the extras that can be purchased along with your Keeper plan: these include a secure messaging service (KeeperChat), and a system called BreachWatch that keeps a keen eye out for any details pertaining to your online accounts appearing on the dark web (after a data breach, perhaps), allowing you to take action if this applies to you.

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