Cloud storage sorted for a lifetime: pCloud Black Friday deals from $139

pCloud cloud storage black friday deal
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We all know that Cyber Monday is the perfect time to grab big bargains on exciting tech and home purchases - but don't forget that it's also the opportune moment to sort out your cloud storage, too.

Or sort out a lifetime's worth of sorting it out! That's exactly what you can do with pCloud's latest offer. You're looking at a lifetime storage of 2TB for a one-time payment of $290, from one of the best cloud storage providers on the market. A saving of $850.

That means that you can say goodbye to compromising price for how much you can get, head straight over to pCloud's website to bag this deal.

You're getting a pretty epic 79% off a superb service, which will let you automatically backup all your photos and videos. There's no file size limitations and you can recover your files up to 30 days after deleting them.

And if you want to know more about the cloud storage offer, or why we rank pCloud so highly - just keep reading as we've got all that information for you below. But note that it expires soon.


Pcloud 2TB cloud storage: $1140 $290/lifetime
Save $850 Cloud storage provider Pcloud has gained popularity thanks to its lifetime plans. You only pay once and benefit from advanced features such as 30-day trash story and native file sharing capabilities within the pCloud applications and web interface. Lifetime 500GB ($139) and 10TB ($890) cloud storage plans are also available.

If forking out $249/£245 all in one go seems a bit too much, then there's another cloud storage deal that might take your fancy instead. Our #1 rated solution from iDrive will cost you a mere $3.98 for the first year of 10TB storage! That's outstanding value at a slightly absurd 95% off the usual price.


IDrive 10TB online backup: $79.50 $3.98/year
Save 95%
IDrive has doubled the amount of storage it offers to our readers to 10TB while keeping the same price $3.98 for the first year. That is the biggest amount of cloud storage data - by far - at this price point.

What makes pCloud such a great cloud storage provider?

There's plenty of reasons why we rank pCloud so highly - currently it's our second favorite overall cloud storage provider.

It's cheap and really simple to use - so even if you're not tech savvy you'll find it easy to use, it's cheap and has an extra layer of security - with its separate encryption product Crypto.

Not to mention its 30-day recovery of your files once deleted is pretty handy, especially if you delete anything by accident.

If you need more information make sure to check out our pCloud review - where you can find out everything you need to know about this superb software.

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