Wix Studio brings Figma designs into the fold with a new tool

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Wix, one of the best website builders, just introduced a new tool, allowing Figma designers to import their work into Wix Studio more easily.

The tool, called Wix Studio Figma, is a plugin that allows designers to create dynamic web experiences more easily. The company claims Studio’s built-in robust native business solutions, as well as AI and agency tools, will help designers, agencies, and professionals, save both time and resources, while building out their solutions. 

Wix Studio is one of the best website builders for agencies, allowing them to build highly customizable and visually appealing websites with ease. Besides advanced design tools and responsive design, Wix Studio allows for code integration, and comes with various collaboration features. Furthermore, it provides a wide array of professional templates and design assets, as well as different SEO and marketing tools. 

It was launched in 2023 and includes a newly-designed development and creation editor, multi-site management workspaces, and access to new monetization opportunities. 

Streamlining production

"We are thrilled to present the new plugin to the design community," said Gali Erez, Head of Product at Wix Studio Editor. "With its innovative features and intuitive interface the plugin empowers users to craft captivating designs, and swiftly streamline the path from design to production. This efficiency enhances their design and development experience and ultimately drives conversions.”

Figma is a collaborative web application for interface design and prototyping. It is allegedly quite popular among designers and developers thanks to its ability to facilitate real-time collaboration. Since it is cloud-based, professionals can access their work from any device with an internet connection.

Figma combines vector graphics editing and prototyping capabilities, allowing designers to create and iterate on user interfaces efficiently. It supports features such as component libraries, and powerful design systems.

It is also said that its interface and robust tools make Figma a great tool for both beginners, and expert designers.

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