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When it comes to sneaker shopping it is all about timing, especially limited-edition sneakers from premium brands are on offer. More often than not, if you’re not quick enough that one pair you want will be out of stock.

Generally speaking, it’s no different when it comes to buying sneakers online. However, for digital shopping, there are tools one can use, like a proxy, to help you hunt for the vest bargains. Not every proxy provider is good or even satisfactory, especially since you’ll probably be competing with other consumers. To help with that, we’ve written this guide to save you time and to make it easier for you on your sneaker shopping. Read on to see our roundup of the best proxies for sneakers.

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How to choose the best proxy for sneakers 

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It’s ill-advised not to consider the following factors when choosing a proxy for sneaker shopping:


Optimal speed is essential when it comes to online shopping. Remember, sneaker drops are quick, and a slow proxy will leave you behind in the dust. Therefore, always opt for a proxy provider that guarantees high-speed connections. This will allow you to quickly access the websites and secure your purchases before the stock runs out.


When it comes to bypassing geo restrictions and boosting connection speeds, the location of the proxy server plays a crucial role. You should always choose a proxy provider that offers servers in the location of your targeted shoe store. This is even more important when attempting to buy sneakers from a specific region. 

IP Type

The type of IP address your proxy uses can significantly impact your experience. Rotating residential IPs are ideal as they mimic real users. Consequently, they reduce the chances of getting blocked by sneaker websites. Moreover, these IP types are less likely to be flagged as suspicious, which further increases your chances of securing your desired pair.


You should never compromise anonymity and security when choosing a proxy. According to a recent study, anonymity improves a user's experience by rendering a solid sense of privacy. 

Anonymity also helps block identity thefts and keeps unwanted ad profiling at bay. Therefore, you should always walk with a proxy that ensures high-level encryption and security features. This way, you can protect your data from potential hackers and snoopers. 

Customer support

Finally, you should consider how good your chosen server is regarding customer support. With proxies, technical glitches and issues can occur at any time. When they do, you want a provider ready to assist you in resolving them. 

We've listed the best free proxies.

Best proxies for sneakers of 2024 in full:

Best proxy for sneakers overall

IPRoyal sneaker proxy

(Image credit: IPRoyal)
Versatile with great support

Reasons to buy

Versatile proxy network
Responsive 24/7/365 direct support

Reasons to avoid

No phone support

With over 8 million IPs worldwide, IPRoyal is one of the best proxy providers out there. It has a huge number of locations, basically providing a proxy for almost every country in the world.

Apart from sneaker proxy, IPRoyal also offers residential, datacenter, and 3G/4G/5G mobile proxies.

The service is one of the cheapest you can find on the market, as all the pricing plans are very affordable. The sneaker proxy is priced at $1 per proxy for one day of use, and $1.6 per proxy for 90 days of use. There are also options for 30 and 60 days. Whatever you choose, you’ll get unlimited bandwidth, premium ISP providers, and SOCKS5 support.

The service itself is very user-friendly, and there’s 24/7/365 direct support. The support agents are responsive and you can contact them via email or live chat, as there’s unfortunately no phone support. In addition, the blog site is filled with instructions and guides for integration with different tools.

Best proxy for advanced users


(Image credit: BrightData)
Robust proxy control

Reasons to buy

No limits on connection/residential IPs
Stringent KYC
7-day trial
ASN targeting 
Responsible data collection practices
Versatile carrier, city, and country target
3-day refund

Bright Data is an award-winning proxy provider ranked as the best proxy in 2021. Known for its legit use cases, Bright Data boasts premium proxy coverage and geotargeting. The provider leverages genuine consumer IPs, ensuring the least room for getting blocked by the target website. 

Bright Data features a P2P network of numerous mobile and residential IPs from across the globe. This eventually makes it easier for companies to carry out traffic throughput for business purposes. 

The provider has developed a separate fanbase with its impeccable performance and outstanding proxy management tools. Credit-based pricing works as the cherry on top. 

The server boasts approximately 72 million IPs. Given this, you always have an enhanced chance of securing limited edition sneakers because you can choose a perfect address that caters to your needs. Besides sneaker shopping, you can use Bright Data for various tasks. They include web crawling and scrapping, verification, brand protection, SEO auditing, etc. 

What’s more, the provider hardly leaves any room for grievances regarding security. Its proxies are encrypted, and it deploys the HTTPS protocol, ensuring safe browsing and shopping experiences. 

However, not everything is rosy with Bright Data. Some users claim that its services are a little complex to use. In fact, at times, they may require advanced software to set up features like proxy rotation. 

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Best proxy for web scraping


(Image credit: OxyLabs)
Smart web scraping technologies

Reasons to buy

7-day free trial (for businesses)
3-day refund
Extensive range of features
Round-the-clock support 
Dedicated API for resellers 
Features proxy rotator

The next on the list is Oxylabs. This provider is ideal for those planning to cop large scale or resale. Regarding extensiveness, it surpasses Bright Data with over 100 million residential IPs. 

We like how it works hard to justify its distinctiveness. Kudos to it for operating solely in a legit white zone since its inception.

This Lithuanian-based provider serves around 195 countries worldwide. Moreover, it claims it sources its proxies ethically from vetted suppliers and uses only certified data centers. Its services span different use cases, including SEO monitoring, ad verification, and more.  

Also, Oxylabs has insured its plans with Lloyds. The provider features a comparatively large portfolio than its peers, with its products including mobile proxies, data centers, residential proxies, rotating ISP, and SOCKS5 proxies. 

An aspect to appreciate is how Oxylabs doesn’t plague its sessions with any restrictions. Additionally, it offers geotargeting, allowing you to enjoy the highest degree of flexibility at the state, city, or country level. What’s more, there are no limits on subnets either. According to Oxylabs, if you purchase 1,000 proxies (for example), you can expect to own 4-1,000 subnets depending on the requirements of your business. 

While Oxylabs ensures a premium experience, it features a steeper-than-average learning curve. Thus, it may be overkill for small-scale shopping. The key advantage of Oxylabs over Bright Data is its access to data center proxies, which can provide faster speeds, crucial for time-sensitive sneaker drops.

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Best proxy for mobile


(Image credit: Smartproxy)
Useful mobile proxies

Reasons to buy

Fair pricing
Round-the-clock support
Zero connection or IP limits
Features API for resellers 

Smartproxy, while offering a smaller network than Bright Data and Oxylabs, is lauded for its affordable pricing and user-friendly interface. The platform has a well-organized integration page. Leveraging it, even beginners can find it easy to navigate through the entire process. 

Its network comprises over 55 million residential IPs.  Although smaller than some competitors like Bright Data and Oxylabs, it’s still quite substantial. 

Smartproxy's widespread global reach provides access to different countries worldwide. In addition to its extensive residential IP network, Smartproxy also offers 40,000 regular US data center proxies. Because of its US-based server locations, proxies from Smartproxy allow you to access US-specific content and services effortlessly. 

The sign-up process for Smartproxy is also simple. Besides, a multi-session browser enables users to access multiple independent sessions in one browser. Each of them can have unique cookies, cache, and history. 

While Smartproxy’s network size and speed may not match that of Bright Data or Oxylabs, it provides a balanced, cost-effective solution.

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Best proxy for sneakers FAQs

Sneaker proxy FAQ

1. Why do I need a proxy for buying sneakers?

Using a proxy allows you to bypass geographic restrictions and increases your chances of successfully purchasing limited-edition sneakers. It does so by providing multiple IP addresses, which can be used to make several purchase requests simultaneously.

2. Can I use free proxies?

While free proxies are tempting, they often provide slower speeds and fewer security measures. In addition, they can expose your data to third parties. Therefore, investing in a reliable, paid proxy service is the best way forward.

3. What's the difference between residential and data center proxies?

Residential proxies come from ISP and mimic real users, reducing the chances of getting blocked. On the other hand, data center proxies are generated from a server and offer faster speeds but are more likely to be detected and blocked.

4. How many proxies do I need?

The number of proxies you need depends on how many tasks you want to run simultaneously. A general rule is to use one proxy per task. According to a report, 30% of internet users worldwide use proxy servers to access better entertainment content. This data shows the increasing reliance on proxy servers for entertainment and activities like sneaker shopping, where geographic restrictions and limited availability come into play.


A good proxy provider can make all the difference in your shopping experience. Plus, you won’t have to lift a finger to find out about all the available good deals. After you set it all up properly, you will get alerts that will inform you about all the newest sneaker deals and anything related to it. Without a proxy you’re more than likely to miss out on all of this, so pick the ones we’ve listed and get to shopping!

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