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There are plenty of reasons for putting your network traffic through a proxy server when using the internet. Whenever you are online, you have an IP address that identifies you, so that the data that you request, such as when you enter a website into a browser’s search bar, then has the location of your device so that this request can be fulfilled. However, savvy users realize that this same IP address also is a unique string of numbers that identifies them online.

Therefore, users will in some cases not connect directly to the website of interest, and rather have an intermediary that the requests get sent through, and that the data sent back to goes to. This intermediary is a proxy, and then the requests appear to originate from the proxy, and not directly from the online user. There are plenty of reasons to use a proxy when online. These can include bypassing a geo restriction, anonymously checking on a competitor, or trying to purchase multiple tickets for an event when you are restricted to just a few. Whatever the use case scenario, using a proxy can certainly yield some benefits.

Many businesses use a dedicated, and robust proxy service, for their projects both big and small, such as web scraping to visit many websites and collect information around a topic. While most individuals won’t have such needs, it can still be useful to have access to a proxy for use. Therefore, we went through the choices out there, and have a list of affordable choices for proxy servers.

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1. Oxylabs

For the occasional proxy user, a low cost plan is essential, and Oxylabs answers that need. Their entry level, appropriately called ‘Pay as you go’ fits the bill of providing a proxy for less. For less than the cost of a few cups of coffee, at $15/GB, users get access to up to 50 GB of data each month. Combine that with 24/7 support, a 99.95% success rate, and a 0.6 ms response time, and it becomes clear why this is a popular choice. Finally, it also supports unlimited concurrent sessions.

2. Smartproxy

Another option for a proxy server comes from provider, Smartproxy. This service gets supported via a 24/7 support team, with options to Skype, Telegram and a chat box all right from the main homepage. It has worldwide locations, with over 7 million addresses in the US alone among its 40 million proxies. The Pay as You Go plan is a cost effective option, with proxy data sold by the GB, at an affordable rate of $12.50/GB via an account that can be used by the single user.

3. ScraperAPI

For those looking for more than a low end pay as you go option, ScraperAPI answers that call. Its Hobby plan offers unlimited bandwidth, with 20 concurrent threads that can target the US and EU. The premium features are included even on this entry level plan, with a free trial, automatic retries, and professional support all for $49/month.

4. ProxySite

Sometimes you just need a quick proxy to get a specific job done. For example, when off of your home network, in a location when certain content is blocked, such as YouTube, or Facebook, and you need to get onto either of them. ProxySite answers this need, and has a free proxy for each of these services so you can connect. There is no limit on bandwidth, and the video can be streamed in HD.

5. VPNBook

VPNBook offers a number of services, including a free proxy. All that is needed is to go to the free proxy area, and you can visit whatever site is needed by entering into the bar via this web based proxy. You can also choose between a choice of three geographic areas: US, UK or Canada. For occasional use, this no cost option for a proxy is an attractive option, and the price may not be the best feature as it is so simple to use.

6. HMA

Another web based proxy is Hide My Ass, which goes by HMA these days. While the main focus of this company is a VPN, going to the bottom of their homepage, looking under ‘Services,’ and selecting ‘Free Web Proxy’ brings us to the web based proxy, which offers a choice of six locations. We also like that HMA offers options to disable cookies, and remove scripts.

7. ProxyEmpire

ProxyEmpire offers another option in this space, with the entry point the Pay As You Go tier. This company’s standout feature is that the $15/GB never expires, making this a great option for intermittent use. It also offers access to over 170 countries, with 24/7 support, with available city and ISP targeting adding up to a full feature set that covers the basics and beyond.

8. Whoer

For those that want more than just a free web based proxy in an address bar, Whoer is worth a look. This option provides an extension for your browser, with options for Chrome, Firefox, and even Opera and Yandex. Once in place, there is a free tier that can then connect you to a proxy in the Netherlands, with an available speed of 1 mb/s to provide anonymity. Plans start at just under $10/month to allow for unlimited speeds, and a choice of 21 different countries for your proxy.

9. Webshare

Webshare is a proxy provider, with plans starting at an affordable $2.99/month, which provides unlimited bandwidth, and 100 proxies. Still too much, or undecided? They actually sweeten this by offering a generous free tier, which is not a time limited trial, and gives the user 10 proxies, and 1 GB of bandwidth monthly, which can be used on a long term basis, or a trial of the service before moving ahead with signing up for a paid tier from them.

10. InstantProxies

InstantProxies is another quite affordable proxy offering, with over 99% uptime, which gets publicly tracked. We also like that they are willing to refund 100% of the latest payment for those not satisfied. Support is included, and the plan starts at $10/month, for unlimited bandwidth, and 10 proxies.

11. IPRoyal

IPRoyal is an affordable proxy service with a very responsive support team. The service offers plenty of proxy solutions - 3G/4G/5G mobile,  residential, datacenter, and sneaker proxies. The service also has over 8 million IPs. As such there’s quite a selection of subscription options, depending on your needs. From $1.75 per GB for residential to $81 per month for mobile. IPRoyal provides 24/7 live chat and email support, and their support agents are knowledgeable and quick to help you out.

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