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SlickPie review

SlickPie is free accounting software for small businesses

(Image: © SlickPie)

Our Verdict

SlickPie has gained lots of enthusiastic users thanks to providing a cheap and cheerful solution for finance management and accountancy needs. Freelancers and the small business owner will find it most appealing.


  • It’s free
  • Comprehensive features
  • Easy to use


  • Currently being revamped
  • Requires connectivity

SlickPie originates from Canada but the bookkeeping package has gone on to become a hit in many countries. That’s because it has been offering a quick and simple solution for freelancers, sole traders and businesses at the smaller end of the spectrum. More importantly, in its base-level incarnation it’s been a free-to-use package, so the appeal for those with smaller turnovers is obvious especially during the coronavirus crisis. 

However, despite the fact there’s no need to spend anything to use it SlickPie comes packed with great features that allow you to tackle most accounting tasks. You’ll need to unlock its full potential though by upgrading to the paid for version, which offers a better suite of features augmented by phone support. 

Competition for SlickPie comes in the shape of Zoho Books, QuickBooks, FreshBooks and Kashoo.


SlickPie serves up a delicious mix of simple-to-use yet powerful features (Image credit: SlickPie)


SlickPie is regarded as a free accountancy package and while there is a gratis trial version you’ll need to spend a few dollars in order to unlock its full potential.

Currently SlickPie starts out at $39.95 a year for the Pro edition and while most if not all the same features are available on the free edition what this payment gets you is phone support. SlickPie already offers email support for those who need it, but having access to a real person makes that less than $40 dollars outlay seem pretty reasonable. 

That said though, SlickPie is not currently accepting any new users while it undergoes a revamp, though you can still register your details, presumably so you’ll be notified once it’s back online again.


SlickPie is appealing due to its very basic though comprehensively featured interface (Image credit: SlickPie)


SlickPie doesn't mess around when it comes to features and the overall experience is a comprehensive one. Your options are many and various, plus the service doesn't just focus on accounting as it’ll cover other business bases too. Day-to-day money management, for example, is catered for while tools for speeding up business transactions come thick and fast too. 

With SlickPie you can send online invoices, process PayPal, stripe and credit card payments in multi-currencies as well as track expenses, manage bills and create quotes and estimates for potential or existing customers. There are financial performance reports plus the capacity for tracking sales tax, getting live bank feeds and, usefully, configuring late payment reminders and more. 

At the time of writing there’s also the MagicBot, which is an automated data entry assistant designed to lighten your load if you’re dealing with lots of those pesky numbers.


SlickPie has a very simple pricing strategy with a free or pro package to choose from (Image credit: SlickPie)


SlickPie is a cloud-based service so naturally you need to be connected to the internet in order to use it. Due to the fact that it works within your browser there’s nothing to install and, therefore, very little to go wrong. SlickPie will work with any regular browser and operating system too.

Ease of use

Based on the existing incarnation of SlickPie the overall user experience is a solid one, with little in the way of complex tools or features to master. Simply log-in to your SlickPie account and, assuming you’re connected, you’ll be presented with the core interface area. 

This is clean and uncluttered, with a series of menu options to the left hand side of the screen. These include the main Dashboard area, which you land on by default, along with People, Transactions, Accounts, Inventory, Reports and Company tabs below. From here you can access any or all of the SlickPie features and functions.


While SlickPie isn’t the biggest accountancy and finance management solution out there it has done a good job in offering support. This comes via email and, if you go for the paid-for edition, phone support too with help available from Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm PST. 

However, for day-to-day queries you’ll actually find that the searchable dataset of help files and topics on the SlickPie website is a very useful resource. The same area of the website also offers remote support via a clickable graphic on the page. In addition, SlickPie has some good tutorial videos that deliver a neat overview on features within the service.


Curiously SlickPie lets you sign-up but then informs you it is currently being revamped (Image credit: SlickPie)

Final verdict

SlickPie certainly leaves a lasting impression in its current guise. The cloud-based accountancy service covers lots of bases and is very easy to use. However, it appears that SlickPie is currently undergoing a remodel and, by the time you read this, it may actually be off-limits to new users. 

SlickPie does state, however, that this is merely for a period of renovation, so presumably if you enroll you’ll be notified just as soon as it’s back up again for new users. 

Based on what has gone before, SlickPie should return with an even better interface and lots more features. Quite what that will cost, and whether or not there’ll be a free version, is yet to be determined. More clarity on that would be useful.

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