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Blue Microphones Tiki review

A USB microphone that packs a lot of quality into a small case

Blue Microphones Tiki review
A combination of modern and retro design, the Tiki USB microphone does the job brilliantly


  • Good design
  • Excellent sound quality
  • Compact
  • Extension lead included


  • Noise cancelling isn't perfect

The Blue Microphones Tiki USB microphone is a well-designed product that improves an increasingly common task that we use our laptops and tablets for - VoiP and video conferencing.

While most mobile PCs come with built-in microphones, they are usually quite small, with poor sound quality. Blue Microphones have a great pedigree in the microphone market, and we've previously been very impressed with the Blue Microphones Yeti and the Blue Microphones Yeti Pro.

The Blue Microphones Tiki takes the technology and experience of Blue Microphones and implements it in a small, portable USB microphone.

It's beautifully designed and manages to mix a retro vibe with a minimalist high-tech look. If that sounds like it shouldn't work, don't worry - it does. It can be plugged in directly into a USB port, or slotted into an included USB cable extender, which makes placement a lot easier.

Voice isolation and noise-cancelling technology works well to keep the voice as clear as possible, which is especially useful when used on PCs with noisy fans. Most ambient noises are eliminated, but some background chatter in busy rooms was still picked up.

The sound quality is fantastic, especially for a microphone of this size, and would suit not just voice and video calls but also podcasts and even some music recording.


The Blue Microphones Tiki is a fantastic little microphone that looks great and sounds even better.