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Radiopaq custom tuned headphones review

Earphones tuned to your taste in music

Radiopaq custom tuned headphones
These little beauties are tuned specifically for four different types of tunes

Our Verdict

A very nice sounding selection of headphones although our ears were not sensitive enough to discern any difference, to the expert ear these should be a welcome upgrade


  • Four different flavours
  • Good sound


  • Not sure if we noticed a difference between them

I'm a sucker for a decent set of in-ear headphones, I'm still rocking a pair of Shure noise-cancelling beauties from a couple of years ago. But Radiopaq has hit us up with its Custom Tuned earphones, a range of tuned in-ear brain-blasters in four different guises, for four different music types.

There are Classical, Jazz, Pop and Rock variants, each tuned slightly differently to best represent the dominant genre of music that you listen to. The difficulty is for the end user it's tough for most of our ears to differentiate between the sound qualities needed for different types of music - and realistically there are few people that would specifically buy a set of headphones just to listen to one type of music. Especially for £60.

That said, they are all very good. The sound reproduction is excellent, and there's little problem using them on the 'wrong' type of music. So a Jazz set does not preclude the possibility of ever listening to classical music. The sets do sound different though, but my ears are not finely tuned enough to distinguish which is better.

Still, at £60 you are looking at the very high-end of consumer headphones and focusing on specific musical genres as opposed to a more general approach could create its own niche for the Radiopaq.

There is, however, always the fact that if you're spending that much you may want a more recognised name, like Shure or Sennheiser, than one more associated to web audio search algorithms.

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