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Toshiba SD-34VB review

It's not just about features v price

Our Verdict

A solid performer that will provide you with a long-term solution at a reasonable cost


  • Excellent DVD and VHS playback
  • DivX compatible
  • DVD-Audio compatible


  • The competing models are pretty darn cheap!

On the surface, this Toshiba looks pretty basic, offering as it does the popular combination of VHS recording and DVD playback.

However, it boasts a couple of unique features that put the competition to shame. For starters, it can playback DivX movies on CD-R, and secondly - and less importantly - it can also spin high-resolution audio DVD-A disc.... although it can't output the high-resolution surround track as it doesn't have the requisite outputs.

Whether that makes up for the fact that it's only about £40 cheaper than the rival Bush machine, which can actually record DVDs, rather depends on your collection of surround sound music discs.

It offers excellent DVD video playback via the PAL progressive scan-capable component video outputs. The quality of the VCR recordings is also top notch.

It may not be the cheapest or the most fully featured product around, but this Toshiba does all the hard work exceptionally well, and is a great buy.