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Secret Crush virus spreading on Facebook

A spyware-infested third-party widget on Facebook is spreading like wildfire. Like some kind of e-STI, the 'Crush' application is spreading malicious spyware to young hopefuls who're looking to find love online.

The flirt widget makes use of an iframe hosted by Zango and sends you off to a site which asks you to download the 'Crush Calculator'. What you really get is spyware, and that's left thousands of hormone-ravaged teenagers sick with disappointment.
The application claims to be able to inform Facebook users if someone has a crush on them. Even more insidious, the application asks you to send the invite to five friends before you can find out who your secret crush is. Security experts warn it's been spreading faster than avian flu in Turkey.

Word is that the boffins at Facebook HQ have already removed the Crush application from their site. But if you've already installed the malicious software, best get it removed. You should be able to do this by updating the definitions in your anti-virus program.

And remember, always practice safe surfing! Keep your anti-virus software up-to-date at all times and don't install any unnecessary apps.