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Leica to reveal new cameras next week

Get ready for more cameras you can't afford from Leica...
Get ready for more cameras you can't afford from Leica...

Leica has said that it will a launch the 'next generation' of Leica cameras during a live webcast on September 9.

A trailer on its website shows a 'best of' reel of its optics and current range but does not reveal any new products.

There is speculation that Leica might launch a successor to its digital rangefinder M8 and M8.2 cameras.

New technology partner?

Leica promises "ground-breaking new products designed and manufactured for all photographers, novice and professional alike," which possibly calls into question the German company's long-standing technology sharing agreement with Panasonic.

This involves Leica rebadging many of Panasonic's consumer-level cameras at higher prices, claiming improved quality control, such as Leica's D-Lux 4 (£600) version of the Panasonic LX3 (£350).

Leica's website says, "Time and time again, Leica has made history with its superior quality cameras and lenses. And, each time, the innovations and developments made throughout the company's long history have always been - and will always be - committed to one single aim: uncompromising quality dedicated solely to the creation of an unmistakably perfect image."

All will be revealed at 2pm September 9. You can register for the webcast now at