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How ready is Facebook for VR? It's rolling out 360 photos to your News Feed

Facebook is getting VR-ready with 360-degree photos

In case there was any doubt that Facebook wasn't completely behind the virtual reality bandwagon, it was revealed today that 360-degree photos are coming to the social network.

In the coming weeks, panoramic photos uploaded from a phone or 360-degree camera will become fully visible in the News Feed, Facebook-owned Oculus announced.

Samsung owners can explore the images with the help of Gear VR, though the pictures can also be navigated with swipes of a finger or phone tilts should you not have a headset handy when checking out vacation photos from your buddies this summer.

Oddly, 360-degree videos have been on Facebook for a while now, with the still picture variety just now catching up.

Oculus also talked up the release of new content for Gear VR, including a three-part series called Nomads and Deadliest Catch VR - a viewing experience based on the Discovery Channel show that puts users in the sea-soaked shoes of fishermen braving the treacherous Bering Sea.