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Google and Bing battled over Firefox search deal

Google and Bing battled it out over Firefox search deal
Firefox: sitting pretty

Some more details have emerged relating to the newly-renewed search deal between Google and Firefox, with sources claiming that big G is set to send a minimum of $300 million (£191 million) Mozilla's way every year.

It seems that Microsoft was keen to replace Google with Bing as the default search engine on the Firefox homepage. Its bid is reported to have been aggressive but couldn't out-do the dominant search engine.

Yahoo is also reported to have been sniffing around the deal but could not compete financially.

No surprises

The new $300m deal is significantly higher than previous agreements between Mozilla and Google. All Things D reckons that Google provided around 84 per cent of Mozilla's 2010 revenue ($123 million / £78 million).

It's indicative of just how serious the battle for share between the search engines is becoming; Google wants to keep a hold of its dominance as so many of its other products rely on its search traffic, while Microsoft's Bing is pouring money into increasing its share.

Firefox is the only major search engine agnostic browser and valuable online real estate despite its declining users - but it's Google's for now and for the three years to come.

From All Things D