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Toshiba overtakes Sony in TV and PC market

Toshiba shifts into number two
Toshiba shifts into number two

Andy Bass, Managing Director of Toshiba UK, has announced today that things are looking up for Toshiba in the burgeoning PC and TV marketplace.

Speaking at the company's annual product preview, Bass revealed that since a rather disappointing 2007, where the company said good-bye to HD DVD, 2008 was a good year and 2009 is said to get even better.

"12 months ago our TV business was at the lowest point ever, at just 3.4 per cent," said Bass.

"Since then we have managed to deliver the ultimate on-demand experience throughout the whole of our products."

Up to second

Although Bass did announce that Q4 operated at a loss, profits from Q2 and Q3 meant that the company balanced the books. The reason behind this, Toshiba believes, was panic selling – shifting TVs at a reduced rate because of the economic climate.

Despite this, Toshiba has announced it has nabbed second place in the PC monitor and TV marketplace, overtaking Sony and now lying just behind Samsung.

Bass continued: "In the last month, our figures show that we are now bigger than Sony in the UK, and we hope to keep this going."