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Toshiba to launch Blu-ray player

Is Toshiba looking to test the water with its own Blu-ray player?

While Toshiba continues to lick its wounds after pulling the plug on its HD-DVD format a Brazilian affiliate of the Japanese electronics giant could be about to launch a hybrid TV tuner and Blu-ray and HD DVD player.

According to Engadget the new player is being released by Semp Toshiba in Brazil at the end of April and is set to retail as the Spectra. Apparently it’ll be powered by a Core Duo 6300 and Windows Home Premium and will allow users to play both Blu-ray and HD DVD discs.


Semp Toshiba is the result of a merger between Toshiba with Society Eletromercantil Paulista in 1977. Although, there’s no clear indication of how much rope the company is allowed to operate on, we’d hedge our bets that Toshiba executives Japan would probably sanction their actions nonetheless.

After all, regardless of any loss of face that might be entailed, Toshiba is in the business of making money. And if the company wants to make money from the hi-def disc player market, then eventually it’ll have to come up with a Blu-ray player.