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Rumour: Nintendo 3DS to feature 3D camera

Will the Nintendo 3DS feature a 3D camera?
Will the Nintendo 3DS feature a 3D camera?

Sharp has announced its latest 3D camera tech for mobile phones, netbooks and digital snappers, prompting rumours that the technology will be found in the Nintendo 3DS.

the 3D camera module is set to enter mass production later this year, which means we should see mobile phones with 3D-ready cameras in the near future.

Will the 3DS feature a 3D camera?

Sharp's 3D camera is also able to capture 720p video in 3D, so it is surely only a matter of time before we get mobile phones kitted out with full high def 3D video cams.

Interestingly, Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS handheld – set to be unveiled at E3 in June – is rumoured to also use Sharp's glasses-parallax barrier technology in its display.

Which begs the question, will the Nintendo 3DS also feature a 3D camera from Sharp?

TechRadar has put calls in with Nintendo and a number of other key players in this market to find out more. Stay tuned for updates.

Via Gizmodo and JapanCorp