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Nintendo DSiWare games line-up detailed

DSiWare games detailed for 3 April launch
DSiWare games detailed for 3 April launch

Nintendo has confirmed the line-up of games for its DSiWare launch in the US on Saturday 5 April when the console goes on sale, though we still await final confirmation on the line-up for the UK on Friday 3 April

IGN reports that the first games for DSi will be WarioWare Snapped!, Art Style: AQUITE and PYORO (also known as

Birds and Beans

, originally taken from a WarioWare mini-game that you may well remember).

Cheap easy fun

WarioWare Snapped will cost 500 Nintendo Points (£3.50) and all the others will cost 200 Nintendo Points (£1.50) a pop. Not bad, really.

Nintendo will also launch the Opera web-browser for DSi for the rather acceptable cost of no pounds and no pence at all.

DSi is set to cost £150 when it launches in the UK on 3 April, including a free 1000 Nintendo Points.